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Gan Erez's career as a metal detecting specialist began in 1981, when he stayed with his parents on a mission in the United States. Gan, 10 years old at the time, convinced his father to buy him a metal detector so he can find coins, jewelry and all sorts of objects, which people left behind at the Florida beaches.

Through the years Gan developed some sort of a "sixth sense" in this area, and has become an internationally renowned expert in the field of metal detection. Among other things, he was sent to recover lost treasures around the world, including British and German Wartime artifacts and Judaica items in Eastern Europe.

Gan Erez, the manager and owner of a Gan Erez – Metal Detection, represents in Israel five international firms that produce the world's best metal detectors. In addition, he is responsible for the development of new and unique detectors for various companies abroad, and working tirelessly on the development and improvement of these detectors.

A unique development of Gan is the hand-held metal detector, "Gan Erez 3003", which was highly acclaimed for its quality and its excellent ergonomics, and has already helped thwart terror attacks across the country.Tens of thousands of "Gan Erez 3003" devices are currently used by hundreds of security companies and individuals in Israel, and are even successfully exported to dozens of countries around the world.

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